Commenti personali


The trip in German was a fantastic experience. Imagine, one week abroad with your friends and with 3 teachers who. in a trip, were not too boring. (above all Medri, who was not strict at all). What can happen? Easy to guess!  A wonderful trip, during which we learnt something, and sometimes didn’t realize we were learning! The food at hotel was bad, but when we were outdoor we had good snacks and enriching some little bars. As I said the teacher was not bad, but the driver was not too friendly, in fact he scolded us, even at 10.30 am if we walked near his door to call a friend and everything we did it was bad for him! The weather was always cloudy and it was freezing, in fact the only moments when  the temperature was over 0 oC were in the afternoon and the hottest moment were at night. In our free time we went around the town without destination and stopped at all bars and all shops. The rooms were fantastic and ( luckily) they very well heated, but when a “genius” opened the windows a bad smell entered from the too near stable!

Lorenzo Bellini

Martina, Chiara e Lorenzo

Non ho ancora smesso di chiedere se possiamo tornare in Germania, ci siamo divertiti tantissimo a provare di capire ciò che dicevano quelli che poi sono diventati i nostri nuovi amici tedeschi. Anche nelle camere dell’albergo ci siamo divertiti a fare scherzi ai compagni di stanza, ma alla fine chi si divertiva di più era la vittima!!!!  Sarà un’esperienza indimenticabile in tutti i sensi, perché abbiamo imparato cose nuove girando per le varie città e per i musei, ma anche perché come si fanno a dimenticare dei tedeschi così simpatici, quando pensavi invece di non riuscire a conoscere nessuno?!

Martina Lippi Pagliai

The trip to German was very beautiful and good for my education. I like the design of the houses and the landscape but the food and the weather were horrible. Our hotel was good but my room was bad. I visited a museum in Nordlingen the castles of Baldern and Hoheschwangau. At school I was excited and I met many German boys and girl. The journey was good but very long. I want to return in Kirchheim  am Ries because I want to see my friend again.

Gabriele Montuschi

Claudio, Andrea, Luca e Gabriele

The trip to Germany  was very beautiful. The most beautiful place was the museum of weapons, in Baldern castle. The most boring place was the church of Kirchheim. We met new German friends and we visited all the most important monument in included the Ries museum. We learnt many important things and we spoke English and we bought many souvenir. The trip was beautiful. I’d like to go there next year. 

Andrea Berna

To go on a trip to Germany was really beautiful because we met new friends and we visited nice towns and saw wonderful landscapes. The people were friendly and we enjoyed a lot . The school , the houses and the churches were very peculiar for their architecture in fact the oldest  ones the were built in wood . I’d like to repeat the trip because I really had a  wonderful time, especially when I went to dance.

Marco Camorani 

The trip in Germany was very interesting and funny. Kirchheim is a beautiful town.The museums were very interesting.The visits to the towns were short but I enjoyed them very much. And the party in the school was brilliant and funny. The Germans were very kind. That experience was very funny. I really enjoyed it.

Beatrice Bacchilega