The School Party

In the evenings of the 24th and 25th October in the Alemannen School in Kircheim am Ries (in German) there were two parties: that of the school and the next day the Wein Fest. 24th October: at the school party we went to dance with our German friends, while few of us did competitions of arm wrestling. We must say that the beginning was very boring, but with the song, “Get Busy” all the guys began to dance on the table. While we were having fun, the teachers were talking in the hall, but after listening to the fastastic music, they came with us and they danced. Medri enjoied himself dancing with Mrs Christine, the German teacher of English.

In the end Mrs Paola Fiorentini  made a speech because it was Jacopo’s birthday. The party continued with happiness. At 23.15 the party finished and all of us decided to go to bed.