Ries Museum

On Thursday 23 October we  went to the museum of the crater (the Ries). When we arrived at the museum the guide showed us a topographic map where you can see Nörlingen and the other towns inside of the crater and then we saw a film  about  how our solar system was born. On a wall there was a very interesting  drawing showing the solar system, the orbits of the planets and those of the various asteroids within the solar system. In the future there are some possibilities of a collision between an asteroid and the Earth!!

rock from Mars

piece of the Moon

Then we went to the first floor where we saw miniature experiments of the NASA, a microscope where we saw a fragment of crystal,  a design representing the moment of the impact, various  kinds of stones, a table where the velocity of a car, a plane and a meteorite are compared. After that we saw a film about the impact, what happened in the very moment and what were the immediate and post-impact consequences onthe living beings and the rocks. Finally we saw a piece of a meteorite coming from Mars and a piece of the Moon which was presented to the museum by some American astronauts