Visit at the Criminal Museum

Saturday we visited the Criminal Museum of Rothemburg, where we saw the instruments  which were used to torture people in the past.  In fact a lot of people were tortured or killed in the Middle Ages and in the 16th and 17th centuries for behaviors which were considered against religion or only unusual. Interesting were the masks of shame - women and men were compelled to wear those masks and woke around, so everybody could see their “shame”- when they committed impure deeds, broke the laws, gossiped etc…

In the museum there were arms and other instruments of torture. One of this instrument is the chair of torture - it’s a chair full of blades where  people died or were seriously injured.

Then there was a dark cape of the executioner : his work was to kill the people.

After that we observed some pictures, medals, swords, chastity belts. The picture showed scenes of torture. The swords were very long and their blades were very sharp, they were used to cut people’s heads.

The visit at the Criminal Museum was very interesting for everybody.