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Name: Republic of Ireland or Eire (26 counties)

Language: English, Irish Gaelic

Government:Indipendent Republic.

Capital: Dublin

Religion: Catholic (the majority), Protestant

Money: Irish pound (or punt)


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Eire makes up four-fifth of the island of Ireland. It is often described as a saucer because the central area is flat while the coast is hilly. The longest river is the Shannon. The weather is mild but it rains a lot and it is often very foggy. Eire, or the Republic of Ireland, became indipendent from the United Kingdom in 1922. The population is 3,500,000. This is because many Irish people have emigrated to other countries. There are more Irish people in the United States than there are in Ireland! The capital of Eire is Dublin. Ireland is known as the Esmerald Isle because of its beautiful green countryside.