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47derry.jpg (14172 byte) Protestants and Catholics have been quarrelling in Ireland ever since many English and Scottish Protestants settled there after the Reformation (when Catholic noblemen were deprived of their lands and wealth). They are now a majority in the North.



In 1922 Ireland was divided, and in 1949 the South, Eire, became a Republic. The North, Ulster, is governed from Westminster except for internal administration.

Unfortunately peace was never brought to that land and today there is Civil war. The Catholic minority are fighting for equal rights, they say the Protestants are discriminating against them.

The British Government sent troops in to keep the peace, but the "Provisionals" began their campaign of terrorism, and a lot of innocent people have been killed.

The only difference in the conflict today is a subtle change in the motivation of the two factions. The religious and social struggle is no longer a primary reason for violence but is now secondary. Powerful business and political interests prevent peace being attained.

In 1998 the Belfast Agreement was signed but only time will tell if it has resolved the conflict.