Commenti Personali

I liked very much the trip to Germany. We met new friends who we spoke English of our hobbies and of other thinks with (for example football) ,it was also really educational and exciting. We stayed in Germany for a week and we visited: churches , the school, towns…. During the P.E. lessons we played football or volleyball versus Kirchheim ;we lost the football mach 3 time and we won the volleyball maches twice .The visit was very beautiful .

Luca Iaconelli  

Francesco Mazzini

Il viaggio è stato lungo, ma è stato divertente. All’andata ero abbastanza emozionato ed ho passato quasi tutto il viaggio d’andata ad ascoltare la musica. Mi è piaciuto il castello di Hoeheschwangau. Anche Kirkhheim mi è piaciuto molto e o trovato tanti amici tedeschi molto simpatici, forse l’unica cosa che mi dispiace è di non aver conosciuto qualche ragazza. Abbiamo fatto molte gite ,secondo me la più bella è stata alla miniera vicino ad Aalen, mi sono divertito molto ed è stata un’ottima esperienza.

Francesco Mazzini

According to me, Germany is a nice country and I like it so much because some month ago I went there with my class and my friends.  During the six days that I spent in Kirckhhein I net new people and I visited many different monuments like: churches or cathedrals and a nice Christmas shop and I saw amazing typical German sceneries. People were very funny. Teachers were nice, children friendly and I enjoyed every day. My room in the hotel, was big and very welcoming. Every morning I woke up at seven o’clock after the bell sound, then I went to school to play volleyball, basket or have on English or German lessons with the students of Kirchheim. I remember particularly with pleasure Hohenschwangau castle that we visited during the journey; it has high towers, little and nice windows, lots of decoration and it is in the centre of a very big and thick wood. It was just like a fairy tale. I hope to return in Kirchheim to met my friend again as soon as possible 

Laura Palara

We passed six unforgettable and wonderful days, with our new German friends and our three teachers Fiorentini, Biondi and Medri. The visit and tourney were very interesting. In the evening we stayed the hotel ,where we played cards, or spoke with our new friends, while some of us stayed in their rooms. When I was with my friends in my room, we had a good time. In the morning we went to school and in the afternoon we visited some towns and museums, castles and mine. This trip was very funny, fabulous  and interesting, and this six days are always in my mind!!

Chiara Galli 

Laura e Chiara