Social life

In the first period of the Bronze Age the plain of the Po wasn't very inhabited. Later a thick net of villages grew up. Some time after there was a small numerical reduction of them for a creation of bigger villages. The political system seemed to be based on "village confederation". There could be the existence of collective work to realise and manage it.
In this crowd of terramare there could be the presence of individuals that had an elevated social "status" in comparison to others: this was deduced by the analysis of the tombs outfits, where bodies were put after cremation.
These tombs give evidence of the practice of cremation. The rests were huddled in terracotta recipients. As regards the village of Solarolo no graves have been discovered but some small terracotta recipients (miniaturized). These were interpreted like some kind of votive offerings and they can be interpreted as "ex-voto", addressed to the cults of different divinity, particularly referred to the deity of waters


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