Archeological Didactic Room

There is an evident increasing number of new-born small museums dedicated to archaeology in the region Emilia Romagna. Some of them are dedicated to Prehistoric archaeology, some to Roman Age some other to Medieval Archaeology. The majority of them are involved in temporary exhibitions with didactic room. Here the remains are decoded and interpreted to the advantage of younger and older visitors.

These collections are often judged difficult to manage, a waste of economic resources and most of all only an expression of urban pride instead of highlighting the scientific investigation involved in this projects.
These museums aren't only simple collections, a result of researches, private collections, but the sign of traditional popular care towards elements from their old "seasons", their past, researches on surface, concentration of fortuitous foundlings. Most of all a start for new archaeological studies.

This is the main aim of the Didactic Room in Solarolo, where the few materials of the collection produce a good piece of history a sort of tale about life in the country nearby Faenza.


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