The natural surrounding area in Solarolo was changed by men in the Bronze Age. As a matter of fact to cultivate fields and to breed cattle was necessary to deforest wide areas to cultivated them.

Trees were cut with special instruments made of stone like hatchets, whose fragments has been discovered nearby. After having deforested the area wood was burnt to produce fertilizer. The fields were turned over (tell) ewith mattock hoe and pickaze (made of dear horn) or using a plough carried by oxen.

The fields around the village produced cereals: barley, corn, rye and spelt. The spikes were cut with reaping hooks at the harvesting time. The reaping hooks had wood or horn supports, where some split teeth in splintstone were fit.

Either the cereals were eaten straight after being cooked in water or they could be ground to obtain flour in order to prepare a bun, a kind of pizza, to cook it directly on the fire.

Pulses like grass peas and broad bean were cultivated too. Linen was probably produced as well.


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